Local Area

Chapel Hill Touted as the “Southern Part of Heaven” by artist William Meade Prince, Chapel Hill has the ability to cast a spell on anyone who cares to experience this town’s unique blend of cosmopolitan culture and Southern hospitality.

The appeal of Chapel Hill is magnetic. Rich in history and steeped in tradition, this Southern college town attracts newcomers from around the country in all walks of life to experience its magic. What they invariably find in Chapel Hill is a diverse and invigorating culture that feeds the minds and souls of its inhabitants. And, more importantly, what they find is that they never want to leave.

Hillsborough Situated in the middle of Orange County near the intersection of Interstates 40 and 85 is the town of Hillsborough, a small but growing community with a distinctly historical flavor.

Hillsborough has served as the seat of Orange County since the town was first laid out in 1754 where the Great Indian Trading Path crossed the Eno River. Originally known as Orange, its present name was bestowed in 1766 to honor the Earl of Hillsborough, British secretary of state to the colonies.

The town offers a number of modern retail and service centers that provide a wide variety of goods and services. These are supplemented by several unique restaurants and numerous specialty shops located in the historic district and throughout town. A growing number of antique shops contribute to the increasing emphasis on antiques in Hillsborough and nicely complement the town’s historic atmosphere.

Durham Known as the “Bull City” and the “City of Medicine”, nicknames that reflect the dominant role that tobacco and medicine have played in its development, Durham today might best be described as a city of diversity.

Durham’s history begins with the Native Americans. Two tribes, the Eno and the Occaneechi, lived in the area, and Durham is believed to be the site of an ancient Native American village named Adshusheer.

The Duke family financed the move of Trinity College to its present location in Durham in 1892. Following a $40 million donation by James Buchanan Duke in 1924, Trinity College was renamed Duke University and eventually became the world-renowned institution that it is today. Duke University, including the famous Duke University Medical Center, is presently the largest single employer in Durham.

With so much to offer, Durham’s diversity goes a long way toward ensuring that all who visit will find it a welcoming place.